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Barry Pointe Family Care is continually working towards providing our patients with top quality, comprehensive and coordinated care. Our team is growing!  In addition to your doctor and his/her medical assistant, you have others working with you to ensure your best health. Barry Pointe Family Care is dedicated to helping you with your care during and after hours.  Our care team below can assist you during our regulare business hours.  After hours we have a doctor on call. Either way we have you covered for all of your care needs.

We would like to introduce you to the members of your team:

Kel Schirk, LPN

Kel SchirkTriage/ Transitional Care Management Nurse

  • Address your urgent calls quickly during office hours
  • Ensures prompt identification of patients with high risk conditions and determines the appropriate disposition of the issues and or concerns of the patient
  • Fills out FMLA & Disability paperwork

 Julia Miller, NRCMA

Care Coordinator:

  • Review your records on a routine basis and assist you with:
    • Arranging for overdue preventive health recommendations
    • Ensuring recommended immunizations are up to date
    • Arranging follow-up appointments that may be overdue
    • Arranging for any overdue lab or other studies for chronic health issues
    • Contacts patients within 2 working days of hospital discharge
    • Contacts paitnets within 2 working days of emergency department visits
    • Answers and addresses questions concerning your visits
    • Arranges quick follow-up with your primary care physician
    • Reviews all medications prescribed at the time of discharge and your current medication lists.  Answers your medication questions
    • Requests medical records on your behalf at discharge to be sent to your primary care physician
  • Communicates with your physician for any other identified needs

Mindy Jordan

Mindy JordanReferral Coordinator:

  • Assist in arranging referrals to specialist or other services
  • Ensures the referral was completed and your doctor has received the results of your visit

Julie VanTasell, RN, MSN, FNPC

Julie Tapp NPNurse Practitioner

  • Works with your primary care physician to provide quality health care when you need it
  • Provides extended educational opportunities to meet your individual needs
  • Povides preventive visits to review and address your healthcare needs
  • Four our high-risk patients, is available for frequesnt outreach and acts as an advocat 







Care Manager/Dietitian

  • Works with patients referred for chronic care management
  • Provides telephone counseling and face-to-face dietitian counseling
  • Arranges outside educational classes or other resources
  • Acts as your advocate over time - your direct contact