Dr Granberg flowersI am a 57 year old woman in good health with no prior surgeries or health issues. In October 2017 I had an annual checkup with Dr. Granberg-Nill. At that appointment I mentioned that I had been feeling some pain in my right groin area. Dr. Granberg-Nill then examined that area and decided to send me for a CT scan. After my results from that test an ultrasound was ordered. It was determined that there was a large dermoid in the area of my right ovary. Barry Pointe Family Care referred me to an OBGYN. It can be very hard to get in and I was very concerned. The office went on to contact Dr. Tegeler's office and got me in sooner than I had been able to.

Once Dr. Tegeler examined me and saw my test results he scheduled surgery for the next week. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove both ovaries and tubes. The dermoid was removed in one piece without any leakage. Everything was then sent to pathology. The dermoid was completely benign! However, a very small tumor was found on the ovary behind the dermoid. My pathology results were so strange and were also sent to Mass General in Boston for further examination. What they found was an extremely rare malignant Brenner tumor.

I then went to an OBGYN oncologist and had a full hysterectomy. Another CT scan was ordered to look at my chest down. The results were great. No signs of additional cancer. My pathology from the hysterectomy showed no cancer cells in any of the tissue! I will now have a schedule of chemo treatment to be safe.

Since Dr. Granberg-Nill listened to me and ordered that first CT scan I have a great prognosis. One little test can change everything. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Granberg-Nill and I plan to use my story to alert other women. We must listen to our bodies. Thankfully, Dr. Granberg-Nill listens too!