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Fotolia 489865 MAs part of your visit, we will file your claim to your insurance company. To do this, it is very important that you continually provide us with new insurance information to prevent errors in your claims. We will ask you for a copy of your current insurance card as well as a photo identification card at the time of your visit.

We participate with most insurance plans. If you are unsure if we are a provider with your particular plan, please call the customer service number on your insurance card prior to your first visit or visit their website for provider listings. Your insurance company can look up our participation status by the physician's name. You will receive the best benefits if you stay within your network health plan. It is your responsibility to know if we are in or out of network with your insurance.

We currently do not participate with the following health plans:

  • Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Medicaid

We do participate in Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Exchange plans.

We no longer accept new Medicare patients. The government continues to decrease payments to physicians and at the same time increases the administrative burden involved in getting those same payments. Please contact your congressman to let them know that their votes are restricting your access to healthcare.

Please contact our office if you have an automobile accident claim or a worker's compensation claim prior to scheduling an appointment. We will file an automobile accident claim to your health insurance plan, but you will be responsible for the entire balance of medical services provided if your insurance company determines another party other than themselves is responsible for payment of your claims. We will need authorization from your employer prior to seeing you for any work-related illness or injury.

While we do our best to keep all of your insurance information current, please make sure to show us any new insurance card that you may receive.

If your insurance policy requires an office visit copay, we are required to collect this at the time of your appointment as part of the contract that we hold with your insurance plan. There will be a $5.00 charge if you are unable to pay your copay at the time of service.

We will charge $25.00 for missed appointments if they are not cancelled in advance. We reserve that time for you and may have to turn other patients away if all appointments are taken. Your cancelled appointment would allow them to be seen.

Effective February 1, 2016 in the event of non-payment, you will be responsible for any legal and collections fees.  See our payment policy 

You can visit the following plans at their websites:

aetna logoNew Aetna Cigna-Great-West-logo GreatWest
BCBS-KC-new Blue Cross/Blue Shield HumanaLogo Humana
CignaLogo Cigna UMR_logo UMR Networks
CoventryLogo Coventry Healthcare UnitedHealthcareLogoNew United Healthcare
CoventryLogo Coventry Healthcare of Kansas    


Barry Pointe Family Care is happy to provide services for everyone.  If you currently do not have insurance we have an uninsured discount of 20% off of the Office Visit fee only for those that pay at the time of service.

Below are some options that may provide better financial assistance than Barry Pointe family Care can provide:

  • Clay County health Department:  816-595-4200
  • Truman Medical Center:  816-404-1000
  • Truman Medical Center (Lakewood):  816-404-7000

Other resources that might be helpful:


This resource can assist you in obtaing insurance:

  • During open enrollment October 15-December 15
  • If you have a qualifying event, you do not need to wait until open enrollment
  • This reource will also refer you to Medicaid if you qualify.

Insurance plans may offer short term plans to help you.  Check with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care
  • Others may also have short term plans