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pediatric careAt Barry Pointe Family Care we strive to provide quality, convenient health care for the whole family, including children. We offer care through every stage of their development, newborn to adult.

Newborn Care

We want to be a part of your children's lives from the very beginning. After you deliver, we are happy to see your baby after discharge from the hospital.

Well Child Visits

Yearly physical examinations are an important part of your child's health. Well child visits include a complete physical exam, review of medical history, family history, medications and immunizations. Please bring a record of your child's immunizations and all medications, vitamins and herbal supplements they are taking.

Quick Care Visits

Quick care visits are great for busy parents. These appointments are for brief problems such as sore throats, cough and colds that need to be seen the same day. Each doctor has several of these appointments available daily. We can take care of your child's needs in a timely manner to help parents avoid long waits.

Sports Physicals

Annual sports physicals give us the opportunity to make sure your children are healthy and ready to participate in athletics. For many adolescents, this may be one of their few visits in a year. We take advantage of this time to update immunizations and discuss important health topics with adolescents and their parents. If you have a form required by your school, please try to bring it with you at the time of your visit.


Immunizations are important for keeping your children healthy. Vaccinations protect against a variety of diseases. Parents often have questions about the safety, purpose and effectiveness of vaccinations. The American Academy of Family Physicians provides an excellent resource to answer many of these questions. This is a great place to visit prior to your child's well visit to learn more about the vaccinations they might be receiving.

To provide the best protection for our patients, our offices administers vaccinations according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Immunization schedule. Parents requesting alternative schedules or delay of vaccinations may obtain them at other facilities.

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